Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University

Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University, KSPU. The teaching staffs of KSPU consist of 425 high-skilled scientific and pedagogical academicians of 33 departments who fulfill the students training. There are over 6000 students in 8 faculties: History & Law, Pedagogy and Psychology, Physics & Mathematics, Philology & Journalism, Foreign Languages, Art, Natural Sciences & Geography, Physical Training, and Centre for Preparatory & Postgraduate Education. Studies carried out in 28 directions and 32 specialties (total 53 specialties with specializations and combinations). There are full, part-time and external studies.

The quantity and quality of technical and computer equipment makes it possible to ensure a proper level of educational and training process. The university is equipped with 16 multimedia lecture classrooms that are equipped with projection, computer and audio equipment; with a total of more than a thousand seats. Freely distributable software is widely used in KSPU for studies and internal workflow. One of the projects on realization modern multimedia learning systems is creating of educational environments “Vicki KSPU” based on MediaWiki, more than 2500 students are involved in the community of this project. Another project “Using TCExam for the monitoring of the quality of training” has been developed and it is successfully implemented in all faculties of KSPU.

KSPU has good links with women’s organizations, educational and academician institutions, and authorities. In 2014 the University regularly carries out volunteer measures to support the Army of Ukraine to establish peace in the Donbas. International Centre provides extensive information and helps staff and students to participate in international programs of different directions.

As MA Program Gender studio is an interdisciplinary program as far the main executors of the project work at the faculties History & Law, Pedagogy and Psychology, Physics & Mathematics, Philology & Journalism, Art, Natural Sciences & Geography.

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