About project

The general goal of the project is to  create new competences and new thinking in gender equality and improve education in gender studios of students of modernised MA Programs in Social and Behavioral Sciences and to promote the convergence of the education system in EU-neighboring countries with European state education systems.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Developing theoretical and practical basis of innovative teaching methods and approaches for trainings in Gender Studies;
  • Improving the understanding of the problematic of gender education and to acquire the necessary experience and skills of teaching staff;
  • Preparing the first qualified graduates as social science researchers, who will have a wide range of methodological and epistemological approaches to Gender Studies

By achieving the listed objectives it is expected that project will promote strengthening of ties between Europeans and their neighbours and realize positive changes in gender equality in the world community.

Project information

Full name: Gender studies curriculum: A step for Democracy and Peace in EU-neighbouring countries with different traditions (GEST)
Start date: 15th October, 2015
End date: 30th April, 2019

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