Nizhyn Mukola Gogol State University

Nizhyn Mukola Gogol State University, NMGSU founded in 1805, is the one of the oldest Ukrainian higher educational institutions; it is famous for its educational, scientific and cultural traditions. About 4 000 students are educated at 7 faculties and 30 subject departments. Until 2014 the university belonged to the category of pedagogical universities, so most university educational programs aimed at training future teachers. At the same time, the appearance of non-teacher specialties after 2004 led to significantly increasing of the university stuff qualification. The University has international links with 63 educational and research institutions in 16 countries near and far abroad.

Three faculties will take the main participation in the project implementation. Faculty of Psychology and Social Work at the University operates since 2002. Faculty trains more than 800 bachelors and masters in 7 specialties, including Educational Institution Management, Social Work, Psychology, with specializations Social-pedagogical work with the family, Psycho-pedagogical counselling in rehabilitation centers and others. Teaching at the Faculty provides 5 departments with a staff of 63 teachers, 60% among of which have academic degrees. The Physics and Mathematics Faculty consists of 3 departments that prepare about 400 bachelors and masters in 5 specialties. In addition, there is a master’s program in Educational Measurement (founded in 2011 due to Tempus project). Faculty staff has good experience of participation of several successful inter-national projects, including two Tempus projects. History education and science at the university has more than 130 years of tradition, and History and law faculty exists since 1998. Today the faculty trains more than 650 bachelors and masters. 45 teachers work at 4 departments of the faculty.

Center for Gender Education that created at the Department of Law and teaching methods in 2010, provides advice, conducts researches, seminars and training on gender issues.

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