Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University

Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, USMBA. The USMBA in Fes was created in 1395 (17 October 1975) and in accordance with Royal directives aimed partly to bring the higher education institutions for researchers and students and, on the other, to integrate university in their own environment and to promote research for the development and well-being regional and country. Before the creation of the university, already existed in Fes establishment of Annex Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences and Legal Sciences, Economic and Social Rabat and a university campus.  And since its inception, the USMBA has experienced significant expansion both in the structure and number of establishment and the enrolment of teachers, researchers, administrative staff and students.  All this gives it a place in the academic map of the Kingdom. Its mission was to ensure the education and scientific research in the fields of science, technology, economics, social sciences, legal and humanise. The university since its creation accompanied by the development socio-economic development of the North central region through training of cadres and skilled and specialized technicians. Today, the University is committed to a comprehensive reform program that allows it to open on specialties of the most diverse new formations, creating new academic and professional training opportunities according to the recommendations of the National Charter education.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is one of the largest faculties of letters of the Kingdom. Its basic missions: education, research and dissemination of national and universal culture. Teaching languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German. The Faculty also houses two readerships: Portuguese and Italian.

USMBA has strength links with NGO ISIS Center for Women and Development which has three main goals: enhancing women’s and gender issues, bridging the gap between the University and civil society, and sharing in global synergy. Women’s and Gender Studies Master’s Program was initiated in USMBA.

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