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The University of Manouba is a multidisciplinary university, it counts 14 academic components: Faculty of letters, Arts and Humanities, Institute of Account and Enterprise, Press Institute, Institute of business, High Institute of Documentation, computer sciences, High School of Multi-media, High School of design sciences and technology, the High Institute of Journalism, the High School of Commerce, the High School of Design, the High School of Veterinary, High Institute of Bio Technology. It gathered 26 000 students, and 1379 teachers. The principal component is Faculty: Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities, with around 8000 students, the different departments are: History, Geography, Arabic Civilisation and Literature, French Civilisation and Literature; English Civilisation and Literature; department of German, Spanish sand Italian literature and Civilisation; it includes a Doctoral School, many masters degrees and doctorates.

The Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities was created in 1986 . Today, the faculty is considered as a pillar of the University of la Manouba in the sense that it was the first nucleus of the new campus. Alone, it welcomes the third of the total number of students at the University of La Manouba (circa 30.000 students). At its inception, the faculty only trained first cycle undergraduate students in languages, namely, Arabic, French, English, German, Spanish and Italian alongside with providing training in psychology, philosophy and sociology. Subsequently, and after gaining its autonomy, the faculty issued a master’s degree in languages, and the teaching of psychology, philosophy and sociology was replaced by two departments, one for teaching history and the other for teaching geography. The Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities has maintained its pedagogical and scientific authenticity as it awaits the results of the implementation of the new “LMD” system in determining future Masters and PhD programs.

The laboratory “History, Heritage and Society” (chief researcher Dalenda Bouzgarrou-Larguèche) is within the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities is under the supervision of the Ministry of High Education. It gathered about 20 professors and researchers and around 80 doctorates and students in master degrees. Within the laboratory the research group “Women, Gender, History and Society” exists. Already the programme “Gender, Culture and Society” has the authorisation the University and ministry.

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